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beautiful-body-balm If you’re anything like us, you have an army of products to smooth skin, hydrate skin, moisturize skin, clear skin, tone skin and the list just keeps going.

But not anymore, we’re clearing up our vanity table and replacing everything, (ok maybe not everything) but definitely a ton of products with just one, Mèreadesso Woman Beautiful Body Balm ($54 / US $48.60).

This luxurious body balm contains eight nourishing vitamins and minerals, and 28 globally sourced botanical extracts. Mineral salts and Brazilian Cocoa help improve skin tone while oat flour, olive and soybean oils provide soothing properties to reduce the appearance and feel of dry flaky skin.

Non-greasy and quick-absorbing, Mèreadesso Beautiful Body Balm will leave you glowing from head to toe.

Available online at www.mereadesso.com

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