Maybelline is Magically Delicious

shine-sensational-lip-gloss-from-maybelline-new-york We love lipgloss and wear it most days; it’s easy to put on and reapply when needed and it makes our lips look sexy and sultry.

Our first gloss choice this summer is Shine Sensational Lip Gloss from Maybelline New York ($6.99 / US $6.49).  It has a brilliant shine that makes lips sparkle. And not only will our lips look luscious, they will also taste delectable!

The Shine Sensational collection contains 18 shades including Glamorous Guava, Treat Me Sweet and Watermelon Punch – for every tasty occasion. From juicy fruity flavours to candy treats, this new formula is exploding with sweet and yummy fragrances. Each shade is packaged in a unique, shade-matched tube to reflect the flavour and fragrance inside.

So why not wear a different one each day as a gloss or as an added shine to your favourite lipstick?

Maybelline New York
Available at drugstores across North America

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