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natural-fresh-deodorant-crystal Did you know that ten percent of the population is actually allergic to regular drug-store bought deodorant? Whether it’s the irritating perfume or fragrance, the white streaks or it just doesn’t keep you dry enough (trust us, we understand), you’re going to love Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal.

Made from pure and natural, fragrance-free mineral salts, the crystal provides up to 24-hour protection killing odor causing bacteria and eliminating staining—no more hiding in dark colours! Hypoallergenic and free from harmful aluminums, the deodorant crystal allows pores to expel toxins naturally and helps to maintain healthy lymph nodes located in the underarms. Did we mention its bang for its buck? At $5.99 / US $7, the deodorant crystals last up to a year and are also available in travel size.

Naturally Fresh manufactures and distributes its products in house, are PETA certified and proudly displays the Pink Ribbon on all its products, indicating its support of the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the fight for the cure.

Naturally Fresh
Available at natural health foods stores across Canada and the USA, and online at www.naturallyfreshdeodorantcrystal.com

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