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Busy girls on the go always have their precious handbag filled with the essentials – lipstick, powder, mints, tissues, Tylenol – the mini drug store. But what about a snack? Instead of succumbing to chips or chocolate for an energy boost, consider a healthy option – LÄRABAR.


Lara Merriken was inspired to create a tasty and healthy snack option, perfect for hiking in the Rockies or pounding the pavement in the big city. LÄRABAR is available in 12 flavours, including two new options: Tropical Fruit with dates, pineapple, coconut, almond and cashew and Peanut Butter & Jelly with peanut, dates and cherries.

LÄRABARs are made with natural whole foods and no matter what the flavour, at most include eight ingredients. These snack bars contain no gluten, sugar, dairy products, soy products, or genetically-modified organisms as well as being preservative and sulfite-free. The bars are vegan, kosher, and depending on the flavour, can provide a ½ or whole serving of fruit.

Nutritious, tasty and perfect for the purse.

Available at a variety of natural, specialty, and conventional grocers and outdoor lifestyle retailers.

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  • I am addicted to these amazing little bars! My cravings are satisfied without the junk that used to be required. It’s hard to believe they’re not bad for you… They’re just too good!

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