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Cindy Melk, is the founder of H20 Plus – the skincare brand that spans an array of all-natural formulas including: Oasis™ Collection Oil Free Hydration System, Sea Results Age Management System, Aquafirm Skin-Firming System, Waterwhite Skin Brightening System, and Aqualibrium Skin Balancing System. As a top leading company in the beauty industry, they introduce new formulations and technological advances with approximately 30 new products annually and have been on an upward climb since they launched 2 decades ago.

We sat down with Cindy Melk to get some insight into this visionaries mind.

How did you get your start in the beauty industry?
I was in my late 20s and I thought there was an opportunity to interpret natural brands in a modern way. Everything that was naturally oriented was like a granola bar. That was the vibe. Then I researched the skin care market as a whole and found that every cream was white, every package was opaque. As a consumer that really irritated me but as a designer I thought, wow what an amazing opportunity to start my own brand.

What’s your favourite H20 Plus product?
Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment. It was my first product, my baby. It’s water-packed and completely oil-free. A gel texture, it’s suitable for all ages and skin types, I’ve been using it for years.

Why do you think the water-based line was so effective?
Primarily because of the concentration and ingredients in the water used. Seawater mimics our own internal body water in terms of composition, and the 60 sea minerals, algaes and seaweeds used in the products are moisturizing, effective and easily accepted by our skins.

How do you captivate your customers?
To captivate the modern customer, we created products that are feasts for the senses with unique, sensuous textures, vibrant colors and original fragrances. Each formulation is designed to produce results and maximize the skincare experience on every sensory level.

How would you describe the H20 retail experience?
A serene oasis from the chaos of the outside world, the H20 Plus retail store environment is a transforming and experimental atmosphere that educates consumers about the benefits harvested from aquatic plants.

How would you like H20 Plus to evolve?
We strive to continually evolve and innovate. Our goal is to always remain at the forefront of new ingredients and technology while remaining true to our concept. As a vertically integrated company, we are able to respond rapidly to changes in the marketplace. The creative possibilities for the H20 Plus brand are limitless.

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