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The big event is Friday night. Finally a chance to impress with a new outfit that was on sale! But looking in the mirror, the locks look like they need a lift – dull and drab, not sexy and shiny.

A quick colour update will ensure you look fantastic from head to toe – so pick the shade and proceed:

Step one – follow instructions, mix up colour and apply.
Step two – wait for recommended time and read fab advice from your favourite online beauty site.
Step three – rinse and check. Oh no the tresses look AWFUL. Bad. Frightening. Fight back tears.
Step four – What to do? Don’t panic!

Before dialing every hair salon in the phone book, take a deep breath. According to L’Oréal Paris, there are some easy solutions. For colour that is too dark – vigorously cleanse hair several times with a shampoo for normal hair (not for colour-treated hair) to help lighten the colour. For colour that is too light, apply a hair colour shade that is slightly darker from the same brand and leave on for half the recommended processing time to help balance the shades.

But if the colour is absolutely wrong there is a way to undo the whole mess – in less than 20 minutes. L’Oréal Paris comes to the rescue with Colorist Secrets – a new collection of hair products to help hair maintain its colour.

hco24_2 hco24_1 haircolor-remover

L’Oréal Paris Haircolor Remover ($13.99)  is the simple way to correct the colour mistake for blonde, brunette or black hair. In two easy steps, the Haircolor Remover can remove permanent, salon and home hair colour. Each package contains developer, hair remover powder, professional gloves and instructions.

Colorist Secrets collection also includes Shine Gloss ($11.99), which can be used on any colour-treated locks to amp up the mirror-quality and Brass Banisher ($11.99), which helps rebalance hair colour by removing the red, gold and orange tones that can occur with blonde hair.

L’Oréal Paris
Available at your local drugstore

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