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dove-go-fresh-revive-body-mist When you step out of the shower you feel refreshed from head to toe. It’s getting that feeling to linger throughout the day that causes us to spritz perfume more often than we need.

If it’s this sense of long-lasting revitalization you’re trying to achieve, look no further. Reawaken your senses with Dove go fresh Revive Body Mist ($3.99).

Available in an 89mL bottle, it’s the perfect size to fit in your purse or overnight bag while travelling. Unlike most body sprays, this fragrance is not overbearing and does its job — makes you smell fantastic all day.

The trend we’ve been seeing in perfumes this Spring/Summer is all about fruity/floral woody scents, something a little musky and more subdued like Burberry Summer or Jo Malone London or even Violet Eyes by Elizabeth Taylor. When it comes to body sprays, we’re still seeing the fruity aspect but it’s fragrance embodies more of a refreshing shower gel or body wash type of accent.

Dove’s new body mist embodies a zestful and vibrant scent of pomegranate and lemon verbena and is completely intoxicating. Not only does it reenergize your body, but also stimulates your mind.

So go ahead and rejuvenate yourself with Dove go fresh Revive Body Mist – it really is fresh at its best.

www.dove.ca  www.dove.com
Available at major drug stores across Canada and the US.

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  • I have tried the cucumber one and i love it , the only problem is so does my daughter. Hoping to try this new one and im sure my daughter is too. Thanks

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