Spring/Summer 2010 Hair Trends

Wavy locks, tousled tresses, voluminous texture – this year’s hottest spring/summer hair trends are about natural looking hair. Soft and pretty has become all the rage with runway models and even with celebrities walking the red carpet.

“I think what’s really popular is being flexible, and really it’s about setting up your styling possibilities with the hair itself,” says Charles Baker Strahan, Herbal Essences North American Celebrity Stylist. “You’ll see texture to hair but you’ll also see beautiful blowouts where the hair has got some great body and volume to it.”

sarah-jessica-parker-oscars Strahan says that we’re also seeing some 60s references happening, like Sarah Jessica Parker who wore that big up-do at this year’s Academy Awards.

When you’re looking for a style, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be so contrived. If you want something more professional, try a polished blowout or maybe even have your hair pulled into a messy off to one side braid.

“Less is more, so making it look perfectly imperfect is the spirit of essence for tousled,” says Strahan.

Braids with lots of texture are really sexy and very fashionable. It doesn’t have to be a flawless braid – celebrity hair stylist Sally Hershberger suggests mixing texture and movement.

“(Be) creative and have fun with it,” says Hershberger. “A fishtail has a really cool edgy look, whereas a french braid in the front can have a very feminine and soft style.”

One of the most trendy styles we’ll be seeing around are beachy waves. Rather than fighting the frizz, let it work for you. Waves should never be too perfect, they should look natural and beautiful.

For something a little more elegant, you can take the beachy waves you had during the day and create a gorgeous loose up-do. Instead of fighting against the frizz, use it – go natural and keep the movement. Pull the hair back into a loose ponytail, and begin pinning up sections.

sallyh2 Remember not to bog your hair down with pounds of product that are heavy and greasy, making it impossible to get easy modern styles.

“The key to finding the right product for your hair is that they should give just the right amount of moisture while adding texture to help create styles,” says Hershberger. “And they should be lightweight so that the hair maintains its natural movement – with the right products, styling should be easy.”

So wave buh-bye to not-a-hair-out-of-place do’s, and say hello to bouncy, flowing hair.

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