Green Beauty: Shampoos & Conditioners

Green Beauty: Shampoos & Conditioners
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Lather, rinse, repeat. Just when you think you’ve found your all-time-fave hair product, you come across a fabulous new bottle and you fall hair over feet in love again. Maybe it’s how it makes you feel, or smell, or maybe it’s just so darn good for your tresses. Here’s the low down on our top favorites and why we simply ‘heart’ them.

LaCoupe Orgnx Shampoos and Conditioners
(Re/Nourish; Re/Balance; Em/Body; and De/Frizz)

lacoupe-orgnx-shampoos-and-conditioners Why: Not only are LaCoupe Orgnx shampoos and conditioners ($9.99) made without sulphates, parabens or diethanolamine (DEA), but certified organic botanical ingredients include avocado, fig, nettle, hibiscus and olive oil, as well as extracts from the seeds of moringa trees. Plus with every purchase of any Orgnx item, the company donates a portion of the proceeds toward planting moringa trees, which is also known as the tree of life!
Available at Shoppers Drug Mart across Canada and Jean Coutu Pharmacy



Live Clean Exotic Nectar Moroccan Collection
(Restorative shampoo, conditioner, Argan Oil treatment & Smooth & Shine Cream)

live-clean-exotic-nectar-moroccan-collection Why: If ever there was a miracle in a bottle, Live Clean’s Exotic Nectar Moroccan collection (from $6.99) would win hands down. Using 100 per cent argan oil, touted as the newest miracle product for restoring softness, shine and manageability to dry and damaged hair, Live Clean’s plant-based, silicone-free Exotic Nectar has the added benefits of organic grape seed oil and olive oil to protect against free radicals.
Available at Shoppers Drug Mart across Canada.



Surya Brasil Amazonia Preciosa Brazil Nut Collection

surya-brasil-amazonia-preciosa-brazil-nut-collection Why: There’s something sexy about closing your eyes and imagining you’re in the rain forest and Surya Brasil’s Amazonia Precosia Brazil Nut shampoo and conditioner (US $24.99) does just that for us, every morning … sigh. Packed with all-natural plants and nut extracts from the Amazon, this extra gentle collection reconstructs and restores hair strands.
For a list of retailers or to buy online, visit



Kusco-Murphy’s ‘O’ssential Wash & Rinse

kusco-murphy-essential-wash-rinse Why: Oh what we’d give to live down under! Well now you can bring a little of the “down under” to your hair with Kusco-Murphy’s ‘O’ssential Wash shampoo (AUD $19.95) and Rinse conditioner (AUD $19.95). This rebalancing collection utilizes the medicinal and rejuvenating properties of nature’s best — Ylang Ylang and Rose Geranium — to gently cleanse the hair and scalp, while replenishing essential vitamins, proteins and minerals.
Available online at



Saijojo Daily Goodness Shampoo and Conditioner

saijojo-daily-goodness-shampoo-and-conditioner Why:Free from synthetics and petrochemicals, we love how super-shiny and moisturized Saijojo Daily Goodness shampoo and conditioner ($26.50 & $27.50) leaves our hair and how the clean fresh scent of orange, lemongrass and peppermint puts a little pep in our morning step.
Available online at and select salons

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