An Apple a Day


Everyone knows getting enough fruits and vegetables in a day contributes to a healthy lifestyle and that’s why we’re craving Philip Stein’s newest offering, a healthy treat if you will, of Fruitz watches ($225 USD). These highly colourful ladies’ watches come in a variety of 24 fruity flavours, like: watermelon, peach, dragon fruit and plum, and feature 36mm steel cases, 3-hand movements, 3-D textured dials and silicone straps.

The concept behind Fruitz was simple, just as you get important nutrients from fruit, Fruitz watches contain exclusive natural frequency technology, which is inspired by the healthy benefits of the essential vitamins that the body receives from consuming fruit. The natural frequency technology harmonizes your body’s biofield and releases blocked energy, allowing the body to become more in tune with the earth. Wearers of the watch will begin to experience health benefits like less stress, better sleep, better concentration, and an overall sense of well-being.

We just fell for Fruitz’s whimsical design, but we love the extra health kick it gives us. Now if only someone could do this with red wine…

Fruitz by Philip Stein
Available at Nordstrom’s or Bloomingdales in the USA, and anywhere Philip Stein watches are sold.

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