The Olay Way: Olay Professional Pro X Cleansers

Finding the right facial cleanser shouldn’t be a stressful pursuit. How does one find a cleanser that doesn’t leave skin feeling tight and can remove makeup in one easy step?


Last year, Olay Professional Pro X was launched, targeting specific skin issues with its range of moisturizers and treatments. Now Olay Professional has introduced skin cleansers to its Pro X collection: Olay Professional Pro X Restorative Cream Cleanser and Olay Professional Pro X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser (both retail at $28.99 / US 19).

P&G Beauty scientist Rolanda Johnson explained that the focus was to create a cleanser that worked in harmony with the moisturizers and treatments in the Olay Professional Pro X line. The cleansers need to be able to remove excess sebum, makeup and did not create any irritation for the skin, such as redness or dryness. Both cleansers underwent rigorous testing to insure a gentle cleansing of the face, not reducing the water content of delicate facial skin, and to provide hydration.

The cleansers contain four key ingredients: glycerine, which adds moisture to skin; sorbitol, a humectant to help the skin retain moisture; carnosine, an antioxidant to help protect skin; and niacinamide, which reduces sebum production. The cleansers also both contain vitamin E, which helps protect skin cells and d-panthenol, which is a moisturizer.

Pro X Restorative Cream Cleanser is pH balanced while the Pro X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser contains gentle microbeads, which will aid in cell turnover. Both can be used daily to cleanse skin, without dehydrating.

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