Degree Women Natureffects Testing Panel: Our Readers’ Results

At the end of 2009, we reached out to our Canadian, product-savvy readers, asking them to try out the new Degree Women Natureffects™ and provide us with their honest and unbiased feedback. We received an enormous response! In fact, we had over five thousand gals willing to be product testers, and we only needed 100!


Degree Women Natureffects™, a new line of anti-perspirants, offers us busy gals highly effective odour and wetness protection along with fragrances inspired by Mother Nature’s own ingredients. Positively sniffalicious!

We personally love this product as it really does deliver the confidence we need daily, and is available in three truly refreshing scent variants that are reminiscent of being surrounded by the vibrancy of nature. But, did our testers feel that this anti-p’ provided them with protection from embarrassing wetness, even after a workout? Did they feel ‘fresh as a daisy’, even after a tough day at the office? You’ll just have to read on to find out.

We were looking for women between 20-30 years of age at the time of testing.

10% were 20 – 23
49% were 24 – 27
41% were 28 – 30

These are the anti-perspirant / deodorant brands our testers were using seven days prior to testing Degree Women Natureffects™:

Dove, Secret, Degree, Lady Speed Stick, Mitchum, Soft & Dri, Tom’s of Maine, Adidas.

Quite the mix!

Here is the nitty gritty from our fabulous testers…

How did you like Degree Women Natureffects™ nature-inspired scents?:
Our testers were asked to rate each of the three Degree Women Natureffects™ nature-inspired scents:

Honeysuckle and Tea Tree Oil
Liked a lot 58%
Liked a little 28%
Neutral 3%
Disliked a little 6%
Disliked a lot 3%
Did Not Answer / Did Not Test 1%

Olive Leaf and Pink Pepper
Liked a lot 37%
Liked a little 33%
Neutral 11%
Disliked a little 3%
Disliked a lot 3%
Did Not Answer / Did Not Test 9%

Orange Flower and Cranberry
Liked a lot 66%
Liked a little 22%
Neutral 3%
Disliked a little 5%
Disliked a lot 3%
Did Not Answer / Did Not Test 0%

Here are a few tester comments:

“All the scents were lovely, but the Orange flower and Cranberry was absolutely delish! I enjoyed the scent greatly and the scent complemented other products I use.” Holly Gibson

“Olive Leaf and Pink Pepper had a wonderful scent! I found myself smelling it before putting it on!” Tara Vincent

“I found the Olive Leaf and Pink Pepper to be a bit strong smelling. Not a bad smell but a little too overpowering. The Orange Flower and Cranberry was my favorite.” Amanda Faith

“The scents were a little too over-powering for me. I could fully smell the scents through my clothes. It seemed stronger than my perfume. My favorite and most mildly scented one was the Olive Leaf and Pink Pepper.” Amy Mercer

“I doubt I would have ever tried olive leaf and pink pepper without the free sample. the name/combo just doesn’t seem appealing, but once opening it, I loved it. I may have smelled it in a store out of curiosity’s sake, maybe not. it was pleasantly surprising though.” Maya Carroll

“Olive leaf and pink pepper is my least favorite. It is kind of peppery smelling and I’m not sure how I feel about smelling like this.” Amy Tulk

“All the scents were nice, the orange flower and cranberry was my favourite. I thought that the scents could be a little bit stronger as the scent doesn’t last very long once applied.” Cathy Slattery

“I loved the orange flower and cranberry scent and I quite liked the honeysuckle and tea tree oil scents because they are different than most other anti-perspirant scents and did not smell too chemically, and I like food based smells.” Lynn Grant

“Honeysuckle scent was too sweet smelling-would not buy this scent.” Erin Karasinski

“I thought that the scents smelled like air fresheners. I did not enjoy walking around smelling like a Glade.” Katie Au

Which words describe how Degree Women Natureffects™ felt on your skin?
Testers were encouraged to pick multiple answers.

Luxurious 15.7%
Comfortable 64.2%
Refreshing 46.3%
Silky 58.9%
Sticky 1%
Cooling 7.3%
Soft 63.1%

Here are a few tester comments:

“I liked how clean it felt. I didn’t notice any thick residue like I do with other brands.” Treya Beaulieu

“Degree Women Natureffects went on very smooth and silky, I enjoyed using it every day after my morning shower. It felt a bit like a moisturizer as well as an anti-perspirant.” Crystal Saunders

“I liked that it isn’t sticky like a gel, but also wasn’t cakey and flaky on my skin.” Madryn McCabe

“I usually apply my antiperspirant after I shower, so when I applied Degree it felt refreshing and cool on my skin.” Amina Kassam

“I would say it felt the same as any other deodorant.” Jodie Mace

“One of my only criticisms was the white residue, which was not necessarily more than with other brands, but it was certainly present and would be something to be aware of if wearing a dark sleeveless shirt/dress.” Ann Vandergust

“It glides on smoothly, and doesn’t feel at all sticky.” Nita Chauhan

“Degree’s best antiperspirant yet! I loved the fragrance of all three products! I also have very sensitive skin, and did have a reaction to the fragrance or other ingredients.” Diana Gardiner

Did Degree Women Natureffects™ provide you with protection against odour and wetness?

Excellent protection 45%
Good protection 40%
Neutral 6%
Provided ok protection 7%
Did not provide protection 1%

Here are a few tester comments:

“It held up through my intensive workouts! Bravo!” Tiana Dargent

“At the end of the day I never had any problem with odour or wetness. Still silky, soft and dry. The only odour I smelled was the one from the stick (fragrance).” Cynthia Marleau

“I normally feel wetness after exercise with my regular anti-perspirant. With Degree Natureffects, I felt no wetness following heavy exercise! It did leave a bit of a white film but it did not stain my clothing at all.” Carmen Chauvet

“The protection for odour was excellent and the wetness protection was good, but not excellent, but, I will say that working in the winter as I move throughout my day means rooms that can vary by 10 degrees (being near computers) or in my office (which has outside walls and several windows).” Alex Bates

“This product gave me great protection against wetness and good protection against odour. after 24 hours on I did notice a bit of odour, nothing serious though.” Crystal Saunders

“I work in a coffee shop where I’m on my feet all day. After wearing Degree Women Natureffects, I came home feeling fresh at the end of every day.” Madryn McCabe

“I was really surprised how dry it kept me!” Treya Beaulieu

“I consider myself someone who sweats constantly and it is very hard for me to find an anti-perspirant that frees me of wetness & odour. I found Natureffects to be no better, nor worse, than any other anti-perspirant.” Tara Vincent

“There was only one time that I experienced wetness – it really caught me off guard because the product was working so well for me prior to that. However, apart from that one time, it’s been great! Even during my most stressful meetings, soccer and volleyball games the antiperspirant did its job and well.” Tina Costeloe

Degree Women Natureffects™ retails for $2.49 – $4.50. How do you feel about the price?

Great price 38.3%
Neutral 54.7%
Too expensive 2.7%
Comparable 8.2%

Here are a few tester comments:

“I would still pay more for this deodorant for the results it gave me.” Caitlin Foster

“I feel that is a very competitive price for what is out there now and this new line should fly off the shelves!” Enza Campanella

“I find that most anti-perspirants are about the same price. I wouldn’t pay $4.50 but would pay $2.50 to $3.” Amanda Faith

“I think that if you like a product enough, you will pay for it no matter the cost. I also think that the price point given is not that far off from other brands on the market. I would pay within this range for this product.” Andrea Wrigley

“I think that the price is very affordable and worth the price for the product! I loved it!” Amanda Ogilvie

“This is around the price range of most of the other brand name deodorants or antiperspirants currently on the market, so I don’t think it’s too expensive, or a great deal.” Madryn McCabe

“I was actually commenting today that I think I am going to switch permanently to Degree. Normally the deodorant I wear starts out smelling great and then by mid-afternoon is not doing its job anymore. With the Natureffects it still smells great after a day of chasing my son around and work. I am glad that the price is lower!!” Kristyn Parsons

How likely are you to continue using Degree Women Natureffects?

Very likely 51.5%
Somewhat likely 28.4%
Neutral 10.5%
Somewhat unlikely 7.3%
Very unlikely 2.1%

Here are a few tester comments:

“Felt good…smelled good…definitely will continue to use.” Carrol Mullan

“I like this product and may switch from my old brand.” Andrea Wrigley

“I have very big problems with deodorants that have a very fake, flowery smell. It drives me nuts. The Natureffects smelled more natural which is exactly what I am looking for.” Adina Derrick

“I do enjoy the smell but I need something stronger on my skin.” Tara Vincent

“I like the product and I would expect to use it long term. A price under $4 would help.” Alex Bates

“I felt that it did not compare with other deodorants and antiperspirants on the market. I prefer my usual antiperspirant (Secret) because it is stronger and lasts longer. I probably would not purchase Natureffects because it is inconvenient to have to re apply it during the day.” Cathy Slattery

“I will definitely purchase this product in the future!” Amanda Ogilvie

“I love the smell and I no longer have sweat marks on my favourite shirts. I will be looking for this product on the store shelves.” Belinda Steed

How likely is it that you will recommend Degree Women Natureffects to a friend or colleague?

Very likely 62.1%
Somewhat likely 26.3%
Neutral 5.2%
Somewhat unlikely 4.2%
Very unlikely 2.1%

Here are some tester comments:

“I have already been raving about it to my girlfriends and family.” Caitlin Foster

“I have already told a few people about the new product, because I like the scent so much.” Allison Bouthillier

“I would recommend it to someone as I have had a good experience with the product.” Jessica Li

“I’ve already recommended them to my roommates, who agreed that the scents are fresh without being overly sweet of ‘fake’.” Ann Vandergust

“Strangely enough I have already recommended this product to a few of my friends. I can’t rave enough.” Belinda Steed

“I did not feel that it worked well so I would not recommend it.” Cathy Slattery

“I am not sure I will talk about anti-perspirants with my friends, but if it comes up I will!” Andrea Wrigley

Overall, what are your feelings about Degree Women Natureffects?

“It left me with a great impression of Degree!” Kristyn Adams

“8.5 /10. Very good product.” Crystal Saunders

“I love the product, scent and packaging.” Alex Bates

” I liked the smell and feeling of it when I used it” Nicole Matties

“One of the best anti-perspirants I’ve ever used.” Tina Costeloe

“It kept me dry but some of the scents are strong.” Karla Siba

“My experience exceeded my expectations.” Blanche Milne

“Good product, need better protection for wetness” Amy Cheng

“Powerful, pleasant smelling, and fairly priced.” Belinda Steed

Here are what a few of our testers had to say about their Degree Women Testing Panel experience: .

“I thought it was a great experience! I loved getting to try all 3 of the different scents! Prior to this I thought that degree was just for men, but now my impression has changed. I would purchase it again for sure! Thanks for the opportunity!” Kristyn Adams

“I thought this was a great opportunity. I loved being trusted with products for my opinions. You never realize many people are behind products like this. That a lot of work goes into the launch of a product.” Treya Beaulieu

“I thought that it was great to be on the testing panel. The instructions were easy to understand and the product was so great! I was so happy to be picked to be on the panel! Thank you for choosing me to test this product!” Amanda Ogilvie

“Great idea and very effective. I’ll definitely share my opinions with others about Degree Women Natureffects. Overall, great product that I will likely use again!” Clare Raby

“I loved being on the testing panel, it allowed me to share what I liked and disliked about the product. I am more likely to buy this product because I have tried it, instead of spending the money and not knowing if it was actually good.” Jessica Li

“What a great way to spread the word about a great product. I’ve always used dove but will be switching now and staying with degree. Thanks for sharing this product with me.” Nicole Young

What do you think about the results these testers shared? Have you tried the product? Do you agree with them? We want to know. Feel free to leave a comment.

* Please note that though we wanted to publish every single comment that our testers shared – it was not possible due to the length our article would have been. Every effort has been made to ensure a balanced number of positive and negative comments were included – where possible.

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