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We’re not going to tout the benefits of water, we all know what they are. We’re also not going to preach about the enormous amount of waste plastic water bottles create (hey, we’ll even admit to grabbing the convenience of our favorite bottle of water every now and then). However, we are going to promise to make a more conscious effort to drink from the tap, with a glass of course, and we’re even going to take a refillable water bottle to spin class.

And the cool way to hold your water?  Why it would be the Love Bottle (US $12-$19). Made from 20 per cent recycled glass, these clear, reusable glass water bottles have old-fashioned ceramic swing-top lids, are available in small (500 ml) or large (1,000 ml), and offer a variety of simple or bold patterns. You can even write on the designs themselves to add your own flair.

Love Bottle donates a portion of its proceeds to groups like Global Water and Clean Water Action to promote protecting water supplies. So ditch your plastic for these transparent glass bottles that proudly showcase Earth’s most basic quencher.

Love Bottle
Available online at and select stores across Canada and the U.S.

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