Four Products That Will Help You Look Well-Rested and Bright-Eyed

We are huge Bobbi Brown fans here at Lipstick Powder N Paint. And, we are gals who want to look our best, but without too much fuss. This January, Bobbi has launched her Makeup Face Lift Collection, which allows us to instantly brighten our face and play up our eyes with just a few simple tweaks. Fantastic!


      1. Revive tired eyes with the New Extra Eye Repair Cream ($75 / US $65). Packed with peptides, natural plant oils and humectants, this rich concentrated cream targets wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

      2. With just a quick twist and a click of the Tinted Eye Brightener pen ($50 / US $38), under-eye circles are instantly brightened.  Pop it in your bag for quick touch-ups, whenever they may be needed. Available in eight shades.

      3. We love Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Lip Gloss ($25 / US $20) and are excited about the two new shades – Popsicle (a bright rosy pink) and Nectar (a pink coral). This sheer, reflective formula wakes up your face and helps create the illusion of fuller lips.

      4. Great brows can instantly give your eyes a lift. Achieve the natural look of eyebrow powder with the precision of a pencil using this creamy and blendable New Brow Pencil ($27 / US $20). Available in five shades.

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