8 Super Foods to Eat Now!

By Lauren Ferranti-Ballem

Make your new year’s diet resolutions positive: instead of banning a list of bad foods, focus on the good stuff you should be eating.


    1. Kale

    Hands-down the healthiest leafy green veg out there, kale is good for your brain and your body. It has more substance than spinach, and is just as easy to prep – simply trim the leaves from its thick stems, wash well and steam for five minutes. Sprinkle with sea salt, lemon juice and olive oil.

      2. Quinoa

      Pronounced “kee-no-ah,” this super grain packs a load of protein (which women don’t get nearly enough of), but masquerades as a comforting carb. It cooks up the same as rice and is excellent hot in stirfries and soups, or cold in salads with beans and vegetables.

        3. Oatmeal

        An excellent daily source of fibre that will sweep offenders out of your system, keeping you healthy and regular. Try it unsweetened with a sprinkle of cinnamon and chopped nuts.

          4. Canned salmon

          Loaded with omega-3 healthy fats (particularly mood and brain boosting EPA), the canned kind is typically caught from the wild, meaning no threat of mercury contamination.

            5. Ricotta cheese

            It’s loaded with muscle-building protein – plus it’s creamy and delicious. Mix in lemon rind and include a refreshing dollop on the side of a tomato-based pasta dish, or mix it with berries and shavings of dark chocolate for dessert.

              6. Walnuts

              Healthy omega-3 fats in these nuts help to keep skin and hair moisturized from the inside out.

                7. Whole eggs

                Forget their cholesterol-raising rep – we should be eating more eggs, yolks and all. The yellow stuff contains a host of hard-to-get nutrients, including choline, which is linked to lower rates of breast cancer, plus they help maintain good eye health.

                  8. Beans

                  Good things come in these small packages – one cup provides loads of fibre, protein, calcium and magnesium. There are so many kinds to choose from and so many ways to use them, there’s really no excuse not to.

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                  • what is meant that Kale has more substance than Spinach? what does Kale taste like? another really good food is an Avocado–which has a high content
                    of Magnisium!

                  • author’s note: kale is heartier than spinach – its leaves are thicker, chewier and more flavourful. plus it doesn’t shrink down quite as much as spinach does when cooked.

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