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Lipstick Powder N Paint wants you to be beautiful­ ‑ inside and out ‑ and the best way to do that is to make sure you have all your questions answered by true beauty experts. Every Monday, our experts will be answering your questions about skincare, makeup, hair and oral health.

Today’s expert is Antonio Tocci, Hair Stylist and Owner of Salon Tocci.

antonio-tocci-salon-tocci Antonio Tocci specializes in precision cutting incorporating both his artistic vision and vast experience. A master of his craft, he keeps up with the latest techniques and hair trends as they appear on the fashion scene.

Antonio Tocci participated in the 2007 Juno Awards in Saskatoon and the 2008 Gemini Awards in Toronto, and he regularly styles hair for fashion shows and photo shoots.

Today’s question is one we’ve all probably wondered at some point…

Q: How often do I really need a haircut?

A: It all depends on the length of hair – if your hair is short, it should be cut every 4-6 weeks to maintain its shape. For longer hair,  6-8 weeks. The longer you wait to cut your hair, any split ends you may have will travel up the hair shaft. It is important to maintain your ends.

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