TIFF 09: Seven Tips For Smooth Red Carpet Style

red-carpet You are so ready for that flashy TIFF party:

Fabulous hair? Check!
Perfect make-up? Check!
Stunning dress? Check!
Killer heels? Check!
Confidence to walk the red carpet? Hmmm…not sure.

Not to worry, our friends at Gillette Venus have kindly shared seven fantastic tips to help you walk like a celeb on that red carpet.

1. Take shorter steps and keep your legs close together. Walk slightly on your tiptoes.

2. As you bring each foot down, have the heel touch the floor just slightly ahead of the ball of the foot.

3. Keep your feet pointed as straight ahead as possible and each step should be placed in front of you like you are continually stepping on a single line painted on the floor ahead of you. Think of your shoes as an extension of your smooth, freshly-shaven legs.

4. Swing your arms as you walk in high heels which will help with the balance, and add to a graceful appearance.

5. When turning while walking in high heels, you will find that it is easy to pivot your foot on the point of your heel.

6. Your hips must be loose! The hip joint moves right to left to right as you walk. Let the hips be the core of your walk. The feet will follow the hip action. Don’t be shy, let them sway!

7. As you walk forward, backward, turns… remember to look up! Do not look at your feet. Look where you are going and be confident with your smooth red carpet style.

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