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Carisa Janes has set the bar for cosmetic innovators succeeding her. As her reputation ensues her, Janes has established herself as one of the most humble leaders within the industry. Honing her skills while working for various makeup lines such as Urban Decay and Body & Soul, Janes went on to found Hourglass Cosmetics – a line of high quality, luxurious makeup.

Earlier this year our Editor-in-Chief caught up with Janes, at a Sephora media event, to get some insight into the mind of a beauty junkie.

What made you want to start your own cosmetic company?
I always wanted to develop my own line and I always knew that I’d have my own brand. I wanted to develop a luxury brand that was the line I was always looking for, for myself but couldn’t find. I wanted to develop products that were focused on skincare and anti-aging and had healthy ingredients, I didn’t want to have to limit myself in any way.

How would you classify Hourglass Cosmetics?
A modern luxury line.

Where did the name come from?
I don’t have a great answer for that question. It was kind of old world, mysterious and feminine. I didn’t want to name the line after myself, so it stuck.

What’s your favourite products in the line?
Veil Fluid Makeup and Veil Mineral Primer.

What words do you live by?
“Stay humble, stay hungry.”

Where do you get your inspiration from when you’re coming up with new products?
I don’t like to launch a product unless I’m improving on an idea or launching something new to the market. I’m inspired by newness and innovation.

What’s an item that women should not leave the house without having on their face?
Depends on the women – for some women its foundation, for some its mascara, for some its lipstick.

What about for you?
All of it!!!

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  • Veil is a wonderful foundation, makes my not so young anymore skin look amazing. The mascara is the best I have ever used, and I have used the “Fresco” lipstick for years. The difference between Cover Girl & Hourglass is like the difference between Payless shoes and Prada. Payless will get the job done, but a luxury product like Hourglass makes a HUGE difference. Applies better, lasts longer, and just has a much more refined look.

  • Veil is a fave of mine and girlfriends (however some have been converted to their Illusion Tinted Moisturizer). Ecstatic over the recent addition of Hourglass at my nearest Sephora. Hourglass is leagues above than the drugstore brand. It’s more niche. Extreme Sheen is also a MUST!

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