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You may think that as we move towards the end of summer that sunscreen is no longer necessary. WRONG! “Everyone needs to apply a sunscreen of at least an SPF of 30 daily, no matter the season or climate,” states Dr. Patricia Wexler, MD, a Manhattan Dermatologist. “Even on the cloudiest of days, UVA rays are present and even moderate exposure can be harmful enough to do damage.”

Understanding the dangers of skin cancer, the fact remains that people aren’t using proper sun protection. Dermatologists agree that people are applying less than the recommended amount of sunscreen – which translates to having significantly less sun protection than the indicated SPF value on the label. Dr. Darrell S. Rigel, MD, Clinical Professor of Dermatology at New York University Medical Center, explains, “under-application of sunscreen can translate to having significantly less sun protection than indicated on the SPF value on the label. If you apply half the dermatologist-recommended one ounce of sunscreen, you get the protection of only the square root of the SPF. So by applying only half-ounce of SPF 70, actually gets you an SPF 8.4.” He goes on to say, “Sunscreens with very high sun protection factors compensate for real-world application habits. They offer consumers a type of insurance against under-application.”

Here are some of our recommendations for perfect sun protection:

Clinique Sun with SolarSmart

Our sensitive pale skin feels safe using Clinique’s dermatologist tested, oil free, and water and sweat-resistant sunscreen products, while we are living life outdoors. The innovative SolarSmart technology stabilizes high-level protection against the aging and burning effects of UVA and UVB rays. It also adds a barrier repair and solar-activated antioxidants to help prevent signs of aging.

Available in SPF 50 Face Cream, SPF 50 Body Cream, SPF 30 Face Cream, SPF 30 Body Cream, SPF 15 Face and Body Cream, SPF 25 Body Spray, SPF 45 Targeted Protection Stick and an After Sun Rescue Balm with Aloe.

www.clinique.ca www.clinique.com
Available at Holt Renfrew and Sears in Canada, and Sephora, Macy’s and Nordstrom in the U.S.

Coppertone NultraShield with Dual Defense

2009 saw the launch of a new product line-up that delivers broad spectrum sun protection and moisturizing antioxidants to reduce the look of skin aging. Coppertone NutraShield fights against harmful UVA and UVB rays with an ultra comfortable, non-greasy formula that doesn’t clog our pores – thank goodness! We especially love the face version as it is does not cause shine and we can use it under our makeup. There are three products to choose from: SPF 60 and SPF 30 for Body, and Face SPF 60.

www.coppertone.ca www.coppertone.com
Available in the suncare sections of drugstores throughout North America

Boscia Illuminating UVA/UVB SPF 30

This oil-free sunscreen, featuring botanical ingredients, is well-suited for all skin type and tones and prevents premature aging. We love the lit-from-within glow we possess when wearing it, and how it protects our delicate skin from the sun – 30 times longer without burning.

Available at Sephora in the U.S. and online at www.sephora.com and www.bosciaskincare.com

Doctor T’s Supergoop! SPF 30

Packed with powerful antioxidant vitamins, Doctor T’s Supergoop! is organic, aloe vera based for calming and soothing those with sensitive skin. The PABA, oil, fragrance and alcohol-free formula acts as an anti-irritant, and protects the skin from both harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Available at Barneys and Priti Organics Spa in the U.S., and online at www.supergoop.com

And don’t for get about those lips. “Lips are one of the areas most commonly overlooked in sunscreen application,” says Zora Crowder, Senior Brand Manager, Hawaiian Tropic brand. “Your lips are more vulnerable to sun damage than the rest of your body as they are constantly exposed. The skin on your lips is extremely thin and unlike the skin on your body they have almost no melanin. As a result, lips rarely tan, but they can easily burn.”

To protect your pout, we suggest trying one of these two products:

Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Kiss Lip Gloss SPF 20

Protect your lips in the most delicious way possible. Hawaiian Tropic’s Aloha Kiss Lip Gloss SPF 20, moisturizes lips for up to 12 hours with natural flora & fruit extracts, adds a pretty sheen, and has a kissable island berry flavour.

Hawaiian Tropic
www.hawaiian-tropic-canada.com www.hawaiiantropic.com
Available in the suncare sections of drugstores throughout North America

Lise Watier Sun Smart Lips SPF 15

Part lip balm, part sunscreen, this product uses beta-carotene and vitamin e to provide lips with intense moisture while leaving them supple and soft.

Lise Watier
Available at Sears in Canada and online at www.naimies.com in the U.S.

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