Bio-Oil To The Rescue!

Bio-oil As anyone with stretch marks will tell you, a good product that actually fights those pesky white lines is worth any price or complicated application process.

Originally from South Africa and now popular with us folk in North America, Bio-Oil is offering stretch mark sufferers some relief. But not only does it improve the appearance of stretch marks, it reduces the appearance of scars, evens out skin tone and hydrates dry, flakey and wrinkled skin.

Natural plant oils are combined with vitamins to produce this pleasant smelling, nourishing formula. The star ingredient is PurCellin Oil, which delivers other oils and vitamins to areas that need it most and encourages rapid absorption into the skin.

We have diligently been using Bio-Oil twice a day on our stretch marks and scars for a couple of weeks now and are thrilled to report that our stretch marks are less noticeable and our scars are starting to fade.

Available at major retailers including Shoppers Drug Mart, Wal-Mart and CVS

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