The Men’s Room: Product Round-up

We love our men squeaky clean, but we’re not thrilled when we go to use our favorite scrub, body wash or moisturizer to find he’s used it and left it empty. In order to prevent your guy from commandeering your – sometimes limited edition – beauty products, we’re rounded up our favorite guys to lather, rinse, repeat and give us the low down on what’s sure to become your favorite (for them) products!

old-spice-stride-body-wash Old Spice Red Zone Stride Body Wash

We said: Old Spice conjures up images of ruggedly, manly men, and maybe a sexy cowboy or captain of a ship – – not that we’re into stereo typing here. That deep oceanic scent will have you swooning long after he’s left the room.

He said: The eight hour scent technology lasted all day (even after hockey practice), and it left my skin looking and feeling hydrated while getting rid of dirt and impurities.

old-spice-double-impact-body-wash Old Spice Red Zone Double Impact Body Wash

We said: Even the toughest guys come clean with this advanced cleaning body wash. It combines two concentrated formulas to remove dirt and impurities. You’ll notice a visibly improved skin texture, even if he doesn’t.

He said: It lathers up great and left my skin hydrated and smelling good. I looked and felt like I had just stepped out of the shower, even hours later.

Old Spice
www.oldspice.ca www.oldspice.com
Available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada and CVS in the U.S.

gillette-oil-control-face-and-body-wash Gillette Oil Control Face Wash + Body Wash

We said: This is for the guy who thinks he doesn’t need to exfoliate, and for his girl who knows he does. He’ll be exfoliating without even knowing it with this 2-in-1 oil control face and body wash. It scrubs away dead surface skin with tiny microbeads and provides the deep cleansing of a facial wash and removes excess oil without over drying the skin.

He said: It left my skin squeaky clean and I noticed fewer ingrown hair in my beard. It smelled great in the shower and it cuts my routine in half.

gillette-2-in-1-shampoo-and-body-wash Gillette Gentle Clean Shampoo + Body Wash

We said: It’s the perfect combination and replaces all other cleansing products in the shower. It’s gentle enough for both hair and skin and leaves him fresh smelling and clean all over.

He said: This was perfect for overnight trips. All I needed was this one product; it definitely fits with my lifestyle.

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada and CVS in the U.S.

burts-bees-natural-skin-care-for-men-body-wash-2 Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care For Men Body Wash

We said: You’re eco-honey will love this all natural body wash. Coconut, sunflower and citrus oils clean away dirt and odor, while cypress and fir oils energize and leave skin looking its best.

He said: My morning shower smelled like freshly squeezed oranges. No need for that cup of coffee now, what a great way to wake up.

Burt’s Bees
www.burtsbees.ca www.burtsbees.com
Available at Whole Foods Market stores across North America and online at www.drugstore.com

real_shaving_co The Real Shaving Co. Hair & Body Wash

We said: This is perfect for the guy who appreciates an old-fashioned barber shave, but doesn’t have time to fuss over his appearance. A natural blend of both hair and body cleansers produce rich, creamy foam that will moisturizes all skin types. You’ll love his cool, clean scent.

He said: It was super easy and fast to wash and moisturize. It left my skin feeling clean and – ahem – soft.

The Real Shaving Co.
Available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada and Target in the U.S.

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