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Josie Maran is a model, actor and entrepreneur. In June 2007 Maran launched Josie Maran Cosmetics – her own line of natural cosmetic products. Maran, who was raised in Northern California, grew up appreciating natural beauty and was inspired by makeup artists she met while modeling. The line features pure, natural cosmetics in various colors and textures. Her products are packed with botanical ingredients and are distributed in biodegradable packaging.

Earlier this year our Editor-in-Chief sat down with Maran, at a Sephora media event, to get the inside scoop behind the brains and beauty of Josie Maran Cosmetics.

What inspired you to launch your own cosmetic line?
I really couldn’t find anything that was high-end and healthy, something that was glamorous and actually worked in the beauty industry. So I was determined to prove that it was possible.

Where do the words “beauty without baggage” come from?
I find a lot of beauty products hold a lot of baggage, in that they’re toxic and cancerous, and my products are organic and don’t come with the baggage.

What is your favourite product from your line?
I love my Tinted Moisturizer, it has argan oil, SPF 30, and evens out my skin and gives a nice glow.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?
Birthing my daughter in the garden naturally.

What words do you live by?
Live courageously.

What women are you influenced by?
Dr. Ruth, when I was young, talking about the unknown and talking openly. Lately, I have been influenced by the late Anita Roddick, owner of Body Shop. I’ve read all her books and those by Jeanine Lobell, owner of Stila Cosmetics.

What’s your favourite place to shop for beauty products and why?
Sephora because they have green, healthy, high-end makeup!

What’s your daily beauty routine?
My daily beauty routine is super simple. Argan oil, moisturizer and a pop of colour.

Why do makeup junkies call your line “a modern luxury line?”
I developed a luxury brand. It was the line I was always looking for myself and could never find. It has healthy ingredients and anti-aging properties without skimping on the packaging.

What is your next step?
A green empire! I say chic-a-logical! I want a whole brand of products that don’t compromise your health or sense of style.

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