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“The starting point of the adventure is mostly a story of passion and intuition with a strong desire to undertake, create and start up a project,” says Aliza Jabès, CEO of NUXE. In 1989, Jabès took over the brand to revive a pioneering cosmetic concept that combined nature, health and beauty. She believes that all natural ingredients from the earth are at the core of the greatest therapeutic and medicinal discoveries in the world. We got to interview this budding CEO and found out how NUXE became such a unique brand, and what Jabès has to say about the green movement that is all the rage in the beauty industry.

How did you prepare yourself for the re-launch of NUXE?
Although I had absolutely no experience and little financial means, thanks to the support of my family, I had no hesitation. With an extraordinary amount of unawareness, I rushed off.

What aspects do you look for in a product before you decide that it’s ready to sell?
My approach to a new product is not limited to the market requirements. To me, a beauty product must be efficient, easy to understand and use, but also pleasurable with great textures and nice fragrances.

What makes a successful entrepreneur?
The key characteristic that made me a successful entrepreneur was certainly intuition. It’s this special feeling that makes you discover the right opportunity or make the right investment. The key to success is also to have a well-balanced profile, to be a creative person and at the same time a good manager.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own business or take over an existing business?
To undertake a company you need to be a risk taker, as you can never know in advance if your product will be successful or not. Perseverance is also needed because you need to be resistant to all the difficulties you find on your road. Running a business is well described in this motto: “ It is better to be a good marathon runner than a sprinter.” There is no need to rush, take your time to achieve your projects in the right way.

Based on your gender, did you face any challenges climbing the corporate ladder?
In the first NUXE years, I was a very young entrepreneur (in my twenties), and it was not easy to gain confidence from others. The good thing about it is that as an inexperienced young lady, you’re so excited about the prospects that you don’t realize the lack of confidence people have in you.

What do you think is the main challenge businesswomen battle each day?
For me, the main challenge is definitely to balance the role as a businesswoman and as a mother. You reach this balance when you manage to make everything cohabitate in a very natural way. I run NUXE intensely and with passion, but my two sons are the priority in my life.

What makes you smile?
Seeing my sons grow and become two handsome teenagers as well as walking into a pharmacy and seeing a woman looking at NUXE products and buying them! That still hits a huge emotional mark for me.

What’s your favourite NUXE product?
That’s a very difficult question! I love them all, but I have a deep connection with Huile Prodigieuse, my first NUXE creation. Fifteen years later it is still our number one product. This multi-purpose dry oil nourishes, repairs and protects skin and hair thanks to it’s unique concentration of six precious oils and vitamin E, in a silicon-free formula.

How do you motivate your staff?
I trust in my team so I easily delegate. I let them express their creativity but I am always there to guide them. They know I trust them and I think that boosts their confidence and keeps them involved and confident in their work.

Has the green movement been working to your company’s advantage or disadvantage?
It has most definitely helped. The natural quality of NUXE is still the essence of the brand and what makes consumers attracted by it. Today, the green trend of consuming more and more natural substances contributes to make our brand even more appealing. As a company, we have adopted the “Eco” attitude. I have recently hired a sustainable development project manager to educate my teams and to create a collective consciousness and new daily routine.

Where do you see your company in twenty years?
Our objective is to become the international leader in natural cosmetology, in pharmacies. We still are keeping our bold spirit and authenticity.

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