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These products are made for those who want to target dullness and uneven skin tone that can be the result of excessive sun exposure as well as the effects of aging. Here are three options to consider to make your complexion glow:

la-roche-posay-mela-d-bright La Roche-Posay MELA-D Bright
Formulated to add moisture as well as luminosity to delicate facial skin and target uneven tone. The two main ingredients in MELA-D are vitamin C, known to keep skin looking smooth, which helps reflect light, and kojic acid, an antibacterial derived from rice to help preserve skin’s pigment. Used daily, this cream aims to even skin tone and moisturize.

The positive – it’s an easily absorbed light cream. The negative – it has a medicinal scent.

La Roche-Posay
Available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada and online at www.drugstore.com

dermaglow-whitening-treat Dermaglow Radiance Rx Whitening Treatment
This simple cream is part of the Radiance Rx collection. It aims to even tone, increase brightness and lighten as well as offers a broad spectrum of antioxidants to protect and moisturize the skin. Dermaglow’s list of ingredients is focused on reducing the effects of hyperpigmentation and age spots. Use before bed to maintain skin tone.

The positive – skin benefits are seen within days. The negative – it is not to be used by those with sensitive skin.

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada

aveda-enbrightenment-group Aveda Enbrightenment
Unlike the other products, the Enbrightenment Brightening Correcting collection offers a variety of treatment options, to be used as a group to target dark spots and protect skin. It has a unique formula of mulberry root, grape extracts, vitamin C, vitamin E, rosemary and shea butter. Seven options are available: cleanser, toner, lotion, cream, moisture treatment, serum and intensive massage masque. This collection is made for skin types who have acne scars, oily skin and hyperpigmentation.

The positive – there are many options to suit a variety of skin types. The negative – multiple products need to be used to get results.

Available at Aveda stores in Canada and the U.S.

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  • I started using the dermaglow whitening treatment about a week ago. I lived down south for 4 years, and the sun damage on my face was really depressing me. This product really works! In a week I see a lightening of all the sun damage – dark spots, freckles etc. I even went out without foundation the other day. I will continue to use this.

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