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moroccanoiltreatmenthires Every woman should have MOROCCANOIL Treatment for all hair types in their beauty arsenal. It softens coarse hair, fills in porous hair, restores shine to damaged locks, helps calm frizz and protects against heat damage – now that’s is what we call a multi-tasker!

Argan oil is the powerful ingredient that will take your hair from dry and brittle to shiny, smooth and soft. Apply a small amount to towel dried hair and style as usual. It absorbs quickly and won’t leave you greasy or weigh you down.

We’re amazed how one little bottle can cure our hair troubles!

Available at Exit Salon in Toronto and select salons across Canada and the U.S.

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  • I live for Moroccanoil!!! My hair was bleached and felt like straw and this miracle product has saved my strands. I bought like 10 bottles to keep a stash incase I ever run out!!!

  • Just getting into hair oils – my hair’s fine so i usually steer clear of anything with oil in the name. but loving suki organics hair oil – this looks test-worthy too!

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