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kiehls-aloe-vera-biodegradable-liquid-body-cleanser Would you like to shower with Brad Pitt?  Who wouldn’t?! Well, you can with Kiehl‘s “Aloe Vera” Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser – a product created in partnership with Pitt.

This gentle body wash is free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and dyes. It boasts of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut-derived cleansers and glycerin. The product is packaged in a food grade, post-consumer recycled bottle featuring Pitt’s personal message in his own handwriting.

One hundred percent of the profits from the sale of the product will go to JPF Eco Systems – a charitable foundation that Pitt created with Kiehl’s. It’s estimated that more than $1 million will go to support various environmentally focused projects, beginning with Make It Right, the post-Katrina charity that helps build eco-friendly homes in New Orleans.

Wash for a truly worthy cause.

Available at Kiehl’s stores across North America

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  • I think this is great!! It’s usually hard to find good natural products that give 100% of profits to a good cause! More people need to get a better understanding of the importance of eco-friendly products, and I think having a spokesperson like Pitt is great way to start spreading awareness! I’ll be sure to get this, thanks for making me aware!


  • 100% misleading.

    They have Coco-Sulfate in there, and another sulfate, which is essentially.. EXACTLY THE SAME AS SLS.

    Bunch of hyped up liars. Free of SLS my butt. They’re just playing with the words. It’s not any greener or better than what you can get with a regular shampoo or body wash with SLS in it.

    I am fine with people buying SLS stuff, but don’t try and sell it like it’s a natural product.

    Coco-sulfate is NOT the same as the SLS’s. It is completely natural. In fact, it comes from the coconut plant. It’s a naturally dervives sudsing agent. Do your research before putting misleading information online.

    IN Fact this formulation is 100% natural. Even the fragrance is natural, no synthetics at all.

    It’s a great product ENJOY THE CAUSE!!

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