Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Challenge

Earlier this year, we reached out to our Canadian, product-savvy readers. We asked them to test Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream for six weeks and provide us with their honest and unbiased feedback. We received an enormous response! In fact, we had hundred of gals willing to be product testers, and we only needed 25!


In case you haven’t heard of Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, it is a luxurious face cream that helps restore volume and fullness. In 2008, it was awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval after testing revealed that none of the pricier face creams, in a comparison study, hydrated skin longer. And, in independent testing, it was found to hydrate better and for longer than 32 of the most expensive European and Japanese luxury face creams in the UK – some costing as much as $700 Canadian.

Did our testers think the cream was a winner? Did they think it was luxurious? You’ll have to read on to find out.

AGE (at time of testing)

44% were 35 to 44
32% were 45 to 55
24% were 56+

    These are the brands our testers were using seven days before testing Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream:

    Arbonne, Aveeno, Avon, Borghese, Cell Shock, Cetaphil, DDF, Dermalogica, Dove, Estée Lauder, Garnier, L’Occitane, Lancôme, L’Oréal, Mary Kay, Merle Norman, Nivea, Noxzema, Olay, Peter Thomas Roth, Prevage, Ponds, PUR, Renee Rouleau, RoC, and St. Ives.

    Quite the mix!

      Our testers were asked to rate the following product traits, using the scale shown below. The score is the weighted average, calculated by dividing the sum of all weighted ratings, by the number of total responses.

      1 = Disliked a lot, 2 = Disliked a little, 3 = Neutral, 4 = Liked a little, 5 = Liked a lot

      Scent 4.2
      Texture 4.7
      Consistency 4.8
      Packaging 4.2

        Here are a few tester comments:

        “Attractive packaging. Smooth texture. I enjoyed using the product.” Kimberley

        “The scent was a little too strong, but I would still use it.” Natalie

        “This is a lovely product with a light, creamy texture that is not greasy, and has a heavenly scent! I was delighted upon receiving the product and opening the pretty red jar.” Irena

        “The dark burgundy doesn’t really appeal to me. I like more modern looking packaging.” Catherine

          Were the product directions clear and easy to follow?

          69.5% said YES


              Which words describe how Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream felt on your skin? (Testers were encouraged to pick multiple answers.)

              Luxurious 10.1%
              Comfortable 15.7%
              Refreshing 7.8%
              Light 12.2%
              Silky 14.6%
              Hydrating 19.1%
              Heavy 4.4%

                Here are a few tester comments:

                “It felt thick, but not greasy or heavy. I could feel my skin drinking it in.” Heather

                “I really enjoyed the feeling this cream produced on my face. It absorbed quickly without feeling heavy or oily. My skin feels smooth and soft.” Penny

                “It was definitely hydrating, but I did find it a bit thick, especially as it is supposed to be the last thing I put on.” Tanya

                  After six weeks of continued use, how do you feel about the changes in your skin?
                  Our testers were asked to rate the following product results, using the scale shown below. The score is the weighted average, calculated by dividing the sum of all weighted ratings, by the number of total responses.

                  1 = Highly dissatisfied, 2 = Somewhat dissatisfied, 3 = Neutral, 4 = Somewhat satisfied, 5 = Highly satisfied

                  Increase in firmness 3.6
                  Increase in smoothness 4.0
                  Decrease in sagging 3.3
                  Decrease in fine lines and wrinkles 3.6

                    Here are a few tester comments:

                    “The only improvement to my skin with this product was under my chin. Unlike other products, it did not peel and leave tiny residue crumbs on my clothes.” Jocelyn

                    “This cream made my skin feel wonderful. I love it. My skin felt very soft, and well hydrated.” Rose

                    “I have noticed the most difference in the appearance of fine lines and smoothness around my eyes and my mouth. I also noticed my skin to be brighter and more luminous.” Pasqua

                    “It certainly did not do anything for my wrinkles or sagging. But, it did make my skin feel soft.” Debra

                      Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream retails for under $40. How do you feel about the price?

                      Great price 32.4%
                      Neutral 10.8%
                      Too expensive 13.5%
                      Comparable 5.4%

                        Here are a few tester comments:

                        “When comparing to comparable products, this price is reasonable.” Paula

                        “The price point is reasonable. I usually pay twice that amount for the creams I normally use, and this one works just as well!” Penny

                        “This is an excellent price. I had been using L’Occitane, which is more expensive, and I actually like the Olay more. It feels much lighter on my skin.” Rose

                        “Too expensive for just the benefit of moisturizing.” Linda

                          How likely are you to continue using Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream?

                          Very likely 21.7%
                          Somewhat likely 39.1%
                          Neutral 8.6%
                          Somewhat unlikely 13.0%
                          Very unlikely 17.3%

                            Here are a few tester comments:

                            “And other Olay products as well.” Elaine

                            “Yes, I am quite likely to continue using this product. The consistency and feel of it on the face is enough to decide to continue.” Paula

                            “I found that it did not work well with my tinted moisturizer.” Tanya

                            “I will definitely continue to use Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream as a part of my daily skin care routine.” Irena

                              How likely is it that you will recommend Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream to a friend or colleague?

                              Very likely 34.7%
                              Somewhat likely 30.4%
                              Neutral 21.7%
                              Somewhat unlikely 13.0%
                              Very unlikely 0%

                                Here are some tester comments:

                                “I’ve already suggested it to a friend.” Heather

                                “I have been speaking to all my friends about how spectacular this product is, and will continue to tell them about it whenever I get a compliment or when we are speaking on the subject of excellent skin care products.” Irena

                                “I have already told my friends about it, especially the ones that pointed out the difference in my skin and asked me what my secret was!” Lorie

                                Overall, what did you think of Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream?
                                Here are what our testers really thought about Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream.

                                “Really like it. Won’t pay lots for it, though. Packaging a bit too conservative for me.” Catherine

                                “Really silky and feels nice on the skin. Packaging was very pretty, especially considering the price.” Debbie

                                “I enjoyed the feeling of smoothness after applying the cream. The trial was successful and I enjoyed participating. The only concern that I have is the lack of SPF. I spend a lot of time outdoors, gardening, walking, and winter activities. During the six week trial I didn’t use a sunscreen. I wonder what the manufacturer recommends in this situation? I will be interested in hearing back about this question.” Sharon

                                “Very good cream. You have to be patient as the results are not instant. Excellent cream for winter and very hydrating. It combated flaky skin instantly. Overall, it is an excellent cream in helping reduce fine lines. My one comment is the scent is a little too flowery for me. I have sensitive skin so I tend to shy away from any product that contains too much fragrance as I want to avoid any irritations. Although this cream did not cause any, I may be hesitant to try it based on the scent.” Pasqua

                                “I am very impressed with this product. The smell, consistency, and ease of use are fantastic. I normally use two different moisturizers, one for day and one for night time use, but this product worked fine for both times. The price I pay for my creams is also substantially more than this product sells for, and truthfully I feel the Olay works just as well if not better! It is also a bonus that I won’t have to buy two different creams anymore.” Penny

                                “For me it was all hype, no results. This product may work on younger skin, with very fine lines and wrinkles, but not on older skin with more character.” Debra

                                “I feel it is a terrific product, over time it does work. I was very happy with the results.” Lori

                                “I liked that it was made by Olay. They have good products, but I do not feel that it made much difference in my skin.” Linda

                                “I like the product, but I prefer to use organic and natural ingredients.” Heather

                                “Not sure if cream can actually relieve and improve the sagging, but possibly the firmness.” Nancy

                                  What did you think about the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Challenge?
                                  “I enjoyed the opportunity to try out a new product. I thank you for the chance to do that and I can honestly say that I had a positive experience. Thanks.” Sharon

                                  “The challenge was a great opportunity to try a product I may not have bought on my own. I was able to try a cream that provided excellent results and at a great value. I am happy with the overall results and will certainly recommend this product to my friends. I will also look into other complimenting products in this product line.” Pasqua

                                  “I really enjoyed testing this product. If I had not been chosen to do this I probably would never have experienced the benefits of Olay, so thank you very much indeed! I will continue to use it and will certainly sing the praises of it to my friends!” Penny

                                  “This was a great opportunity. It was a pleasure to have the chance to try out a product for a structured amount of time, to judge its efficacy, and to reflect back on its merits (and/or shortcomings) within a predetermined period. Thank you for choosing me to participate in this event, and continuing best wishes for all of your research!” Irena

                                  “I think the challenge was a great idea. Real products used by a cross section of real people – it doesn’t get any better than that. When available, I like to sample skin care products before purchasing. A thank you to Lipstick Powder N Paint and Olay for the chance to be a part of this challenge and to try this product for myself and see the results on my skin. I think this was a fantastic project and hope that this is just the beginning of many like challenges to come.” Linda

                                  “I liked doing it and trying something new. I often go to blogs for reviews of products, so it is interesting to see how they gather some of the info.” Tanya

                                  “It is a great way to try a new product, that I might have overlooked, and also are enthusiastic about telling friends and family about it.” Rose

                                  “This was a stroke of genius. Small samples that are usually given out do not allow a real test of the product. I felt excited to receive a full bottle and motivated to give the product a try in effort to help test the product.” Kimberley

                                    What do you think about the results these testers shared? Have you tried the product? Do you agree with them? We want to know. Feel free to leave a comment.

                                    And, definitely check out BeautyGeeks, as they too had readers test Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream.

                                    * Please note that though we wanted to publish every single comment that our testers shared – it was not possible due to the length our article would have been. Every effort has been made to ensure a balanced number of positive and negative comments were included – where possible.

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                                    • I have used this though I’m a little young for the targeted group, I was a bit turned off by how thick it was. It felt very pore clogging. Then after it had dried it was flaking off and it looked like i had some skin condition. It did hydrate but it just felt like I was clogging my pores with the thickness of the creme. My views of this product were complete opposites of the testers. Weird maybe I’m just that picky.

                                    • I actually just started using this product a week ago. I love the price and the scent is pleasant. I have 5 more weeks to go before I can tell if there are any improvements in my skin.
                                      I will say that the comments about the color of the jar and the one person who won’t use it because of the packaging seem ridiculous to me. Its the product inside the jar that matters.
                                      I use other Olay products and have been satisfied with them.
                                      This cream is replacing a jar of Elizabeth Arden cream that I can’t stand the smell of. It smells like chemicals to me.
                                      I will have to let you know the long term results in 5 weeks.

                                    • Sharon noted that she was concerend about the lack of SPF. Here is what OLAY recommended…

                                      Sharon could use Olay Regenerist Enhancing Lotion with UV Protection underneath Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. Or, if Sharon is looking for a more even skin tone, she can use the Olay Regenerist Touch of Foundation (with SPF 15) over Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream.

                                      And – you are all hearing it first here. – at the end of July, Olay Regenerist is launching a new product that has an SPF 25 (I can’t disclose any more than that).

                                      How exciting!

                                    • I have been using Olay Regenerist Sculpting Cream for a year. Have had really good results, especially at the jaw line. Had drooping jowls, but now they are almost normal. Want you to know, I am 73 years old, and it works really good for me.

                                    • I love this cream. It made my skin feel soft and moist all day. I’ve used other expensive creams (ie, more than twice the price) and this one feels better and smells great too! Because of this cream, which I have using now for only 3 weeks, I am going to try other products from this line such as for eyes and the cleanser.

                                    • Oh..i!f you wanna know how much I like it….yeah..TWO thumbs up!! So, my recommendation, use the Olay regenerist touch of foundation for day…and the micro sculpting cream at night…wala!!!

                                    • Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

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