Show Them Who’s Boss

browmousse Do any of you find that you have naughty, stray brow hairs that just will not behave? Let us guess, you have groomed and filled-in your brows beautifully, but there is a section of hair (perhaps at the arch) that just won’t stay down? We know all about it!

Tweezerman has the perfect tool for you. Browmousse is a mascara-like wand that contains a clear gel formula for styling and shaping disobedient and unruly brows, without leaving pesky flakes or gummy build-up behind. Love it!  And it is so easy to use. Gently brush upward through your brows to lift, shape, and complete that fabulous groomed look.

Browmousse is formulated with hypoallergenic and fragrance free ingredients – which we definitely appreciate. Who wants potentially harmful chemicals so close to their peepers?  Not us!

Show your brows who’s boss.

Available at select retailers across Canada, and Duane Reade and CVS/pharmacy in the U.S.

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