Smooth As Silk

silkn Laser hair removal is a great way to say goodbye to unwanted fuzz. The Silk’n takes laser hair removal to the next level by offering it to you at home. Safe and long-term results in the comfort of your own space make the Silk’n experience special. We like to use it while watching TV.

The easy, point, press and shoot device removes unwanted hair with pulses of light. Optical energy is used to disable hair growth by transforming energy into heat, which eventually eliminates regrowth. Hair cycles range from person to person, so the amount of time it takes to be completely hair free is always different, but typically from 18 to 24 months.

Silk’n does not work on naturally dark skin types, tanned skin or light hair. If you have light skin with dark hair, this tool is convenient, effective and fun to use.

Available online at www.silkn.com

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