L’Oreal Fashionweek Spring/Summer 2009 Hair Trends

Eric Del Monaco

Fashion dictates what the hottest looks are going to be for upcoming seasons. But this applies to more than just clothing. Hair and makeup trends are also set on the runways.

Eric Del Monaco, L’Oréal Paris Official Hair Artist and Colourist and Lead Hair Artis Joeffer Caoc show t for L’Oréal Fashionweek, gives us a taste of what is to come for spring and summer 2009.

“It’s so moving,” seeing it all come together, says Del Monaco. The best part about fashion week for him is seeing the finished product. With six or seven shows a day Del Monaco is really at the top of his game. For the Joeffer Caoc show, Del Monaco went for a veil effect. Hair was flat ironed at a 90-degree angle. It literally floated down the runway. Caoc came backstage to personally thank him because the end result was so on point. “When designers come back and tell us that they were happy that’s amazing!” says Del Monaco. But, he couldn’t do it without the help of his backstage team, “they’re amazing.”

Flat hair isn’t the look for next spring. It will be all about texture. For an easy day look start with damp hair and apply a little mousse. When hair is ready to be styled add a little volume spray and set hair with a curling iron or rollers. “It’s waves,” says Del Monaco.

Janet Hill For nighttime there will be a “return to glam,” says Del Monaco. Hair will be “tied and slicked back, an almost wet look.” Apply a little bit of gel to create the look. Gather hair into a ponytail and create a small bun or chignon. Secure everything in place with an elastic. For the finishing touch, apply a little bit more gel to control any frizzies.

Another thing that we will be seeing a lot of is braids. Celebs like Nicole Richie already rock this look. “The hair itself is used as an accessory,” says Del Monaco. It is a “very hair dressed” style.

Remember that hair for spring and summer will be “a lot more polished,” says Del Monaco. And, “don’t be afraid to experiment and try different things.”

Photo credits: Ryan Francoz and George Pimentel Photography

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  • I recently got my cosmetology license in December. Ever since day one the teachers would always make it clear to us how important keeping up with the trends are. This makes a really big difference in your success with this career. I also highly agree with Del Monaco. No one should be affraid to try different things in life. I belive this will really get you somewhere.I used to be the type of person that would always care about what other people thought about me. Until I noticed that I was never going to make everyone happy and that the only person i needed to satisfy was myself. Ever since then I did what i wanted to do and wore what I wanted to wear. This has changed my life completely.

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