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Lipstick Powder N Paint had a chance to chat with Eddie Maleterre, L’Oréal Paris Official Makeup Artist and the Artistic Director for L’Oréal Fashionweek, inside the hair and makeup tent during Toronto’s fashion week. We expected a hectic scene of frantic stylists and hurried artistry but found an almost Zen-like calm. Models were perched in chairs while the talented L’Oréal backstage team – made up of approximately 40 people – styled everyone to perfection.

One month before the big event, Maleterre meets with all the designers “to discuss [his] ideas for the makeup and exchange [ideas] with the designers.” He is “happy to work with [his] team” to create the looks that grace the runway.

Fashionweek When fashion week actually hits “it’s challenging for me because I have to apply makeup one after another,” says Maleterre. “The best challenge is to be on time. I don’t want anyone to have to wait for makeup.”

As for the hottest looks of spring/summer 2009, expect to see colour. “This season we have a lot of pink, ultra gloss [on the lips], long eyelashes and natural [looks highlighted] with bright colours,” notes Maleterre. The best way to capture runway looks is to “play with makeup. Take the look you like but go less.”

To take a soft pink day look and transform it into something more substantial all you need is brown shadow. When you layer it over what you already have on you can create a subtle smoky eye with just a hint of colour. It is a very pretty look. Top it off with some eyeliner and mascara and you are good to go.

FW Spring Beauty Maleterre’s best tip for a fresh look is to expertly apply a soft pink shade of blush to the cheeks with a small brush. Dip the tip on the brush in the blush and start on the apple of the cheek. Slowly work your way out. Use a circular motion to avoid streaks. For a sunkissed glow try the same technique with a coral shade.

Must have items are mascara, concealer and gloss. “That’s the magic recipe,” says Maleterre.

Maleterre’s passion for what he does and artistry make him one of the most sought after makeup artists worldwide.

Photo credits: Stephanie O’Born and Ryan Francoz

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