Tips for Holiday Decorating

10 tips for decorating for the holidays:

1.  Use red, green or metallic ribbon as decoration throughout the house

2. Purchase greenery to be used around doorways or as centrepiece on dining table

3. Plant amaryllis or paper white bulbs six to eight weeks before the holidays so the plants will bloom by December

4. Hang fabric ornaments from door handles throughout the house

5. Place twinkly lights along a hallway or in the foyer to add festive light

6. Simmer hot water with orange slices, cloves and cinnamon stick on the stove to add a natural seasonal scent in the air

7. Change accessories to jewel tones, such as a new case for throw pillows or a slipcover for a chair or love seat

8. Use a large vase or bowl to display favourite ornaments

9. Select favourite holiday cards from the past as decoration for the tree

10. Use pine cones and tree branches as decoration on the mantle, in a vase or on a side table

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