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Beauty editors have the pleasure of trying out the newest beauty tools and accessories – from ultra moisturizing face creams to plumping lip glosses. Our latest test drive promised to transform of our lashes, making them longer, fuller and thicker. And, it did!

Born out of his wife’s battle with cancer, Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff created the super eyelash conditioner RevitaLash. While going through treatments, her lashes were fragile and sparse, but with a special formula, her lashes came back to life. This has given us the ability to achieve natural, luscious lashes.

Apply RevitLash like eyeliner, just above the top lashes each night before bed and you’ll be shocked how quickly their appearance improves. Within just one week we noticed a difference. Not only are they thicker and fuller, but also it feels good knowing that a portion of the proceeds goes to breast cancer research and initiatives.

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  • I don’t like that they do not list any of their ingredients not one anywhere on that site. I wouldn’t pay $150 for something that I have no clue what is in it. weird IMO.

  • woahhhh pretty pricey and yes i totally agree with karissa on the ingredients point, i mean it sounds promising but wouldnt it be nice to know what’s in this lash miracle product because god knows i might be allergic or have bad side effect to what ever ingredient in that little tube.

  • All hail Revitalash! I, too, love this product. It doesn’t work overnight, though. I saw a noticeable difference in about 6-8 weeks. My lashes look amazing with mascara. My girlfriend uses it too, and dyes her lashes so she doesn’t have to wear mascara. Her lashes are even longer than mine. We’re true believers!!!

  • I’ve been using Revitalash for almost 3 months and nothing happened to my eye
    color! No irritations to both my eyes and my skin. All I got are stunning lashes others envy…

  • yeah exactly Norma! Revitalash is amazing. I am using it as well for about 8 months now. The price fits my budget and it really enhanced my lashes naturally.

  • Yeah! Absolutely Jessica! Revitalash is amazing. It’s been working well for me. The only reason why I am still using it until now. My lashes now is looking fuller and darker. kodus to Revitalash. I’m loving it.

  • Woaah! many of us here are really experiencing how amazing revitalash is. Well to share, I am so thankful to this revitalash eyelash conditioner. It really made by brittle and short lashes to naturally looking fuller, darker and
    healthier lashes. Great Product.

  • I too have cancer. And I thank Dr. Brinkenhoff for this amazing product!! I regained my confidence because of the difference it made to my lashes and my hair. I am also using Hair by Revitalash.

  • Find revitalash so effective in just 3 mos. I got the result I wanted my lashes are now long and thick. I love it more when I put some mascara it enhance my lashes.

  • WOw so glad to see there are many satisfied Revitalash users here. I am too are very satisified had this since January. Its great!

  • im not a review writer but i just have to share my amazing experience with RevitaLash its really worth buying. i love the results within 6 weeks i can see the difference it gives life to my dull lashes

  • I used revitalash every night for three weeks and I noticed a difference on my lash it started to grow and thicker. Revitalash is easy to use and a safe product. I did not feel ant side effects until now.

  • I was introduced to Revitalash by my daughter in law 2 months back. I can see the difference on my eyelashes. They are thicker and longer I’m sure.

  • My lashes weren’t particularly thin or short, but within a week of using revitalash they were noticeably thicker and longer. I know there could be more to wait and by that time it was totally beautiful.

  • I prefer revitalash over latisse and other brands. Latisse is too expensive and way beyond my budget. I’ve been using revitalash ever since and it’s been working wonders for my lashes.

  • Read so much about revitalash so decided to try out 4 months back. Using the conditioner and mascara. really great products. very happy customer here.

  • since the 1st day of using revitalash it took a good impression on me because I did not feel and irritation or itchiness it only means that this product safe to use. After 3weeks I notice that my lashes are getting better its long and thick.

  • I was using Latisse but honestly, It didn’t work that well for me. It is expensive and too much trouble. Didn’t go back to follow again after 2 months. A friend introduced Revitalash to me some 3 months ago and it was and still is wonderful product. I can see improvement after the 1st month. Now my eyelashes are much thicker and longer.

  • I’m glad a friend told me about revitalash because she is concern on my brittle and short lash. with the help of this product for 3months of constant usage my lash looks healthier and long.

  • I have forwarded this site to all my friends because I want then to try out Revitalash. It works wonders to my eyelashes and I want my friends to have the experience too. SOme of them tried it and are very pleased with the result

  • Not as much as I am loving revitalash Faith. I don’t have to say what it did to my lashes, I extremely recommend it to people who have problems with their lashes.

  • Faith, I did that same thing to…I sent my friends like to this site so that they’ll get to see why I have such beautiful lashes. Thanks to Revitalash.

  • im so thankful to my best friend after she told me about her secret on having a luscious eyelashes. and she even pass to me here half full tube of Revitalash and after using it for few weeks i can see the difference. my lashes looks thicker and longer.

  • To me, any good product must be effective, safe, simple and affordable. Revitalash meets all criteria. I know because I have been using it for a long time and it is a brilliant product. I strongly recommend it to all.

  • My sister and I have nice eyes and quite long eyelashes. We started using Revitalash 4 weeks ago and amaze by the effect on our eyes and eyelashes. Now our eyelashes are longer and thicker. Revitalash not only a good product; is a Fantastic product.

  • I’ve been using revitalash for about a year now and I’m sticking with it for life. I noticed my lashes are getting fuller and darker after I consumed my first tube of revitalash eyelash conditioner. It’s really working wonders for me. The only reason why I am still using it until now.

  • am very glad because I had been using revitalash and my lashes were great. I had grown a super long lash and all were thicker. im also using the mascara its really nice to use

  • Price and value is all in maximum lash. Its worth it. I’m glad I tried it, and I’ve been using it ever since plus if you buy a maximumlash at and fax in their receipt you will get a ten dollar rebate check. Offer is upto Nov 20 2010 only

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