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Tawaka The Ball Our never ending search for the best beauty products the world has to offer, our latest prized possession comes from the Tawaka Villages of rainforests in Central America. This unique luxury comes in the form of a ball, made from a blend of wild crafted ingredients and while produced in small batches, will take up to two days to make. When used, the sweet, rich aroma of cacao fills your shower, and you experience luxury at its best.

Simply called Tawaka The Ball”, this delicious indulgence removes impurities from the skin to reveal a sleek, polished look. Created by Ojon, “The Ball” provides an intense full body scrub. Skin is infused with essential fatty acids 3, 6 and 9 which get right to work repairing the skins structure and function, and increasing the body’s circulation. Chock full of all the right ingredients, like moisturizing cocoa seed butter, exfoliating Ojon nut shells and stimulating cupana seed extract, this formula is free of artificial colour, sulfates, silicone and preservatives.

The best part – this powerful and rich formula has the same antioxidant protection as 2,834 pounds of blueberries!

Available at The Shopping Channel, Sephora and online at www.sephora.com

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