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Micabella Cosmetics When things are labeled “natural” it can mean a number of different things. We’ve combed through the influx of these products and have come across a real gem – Micabella Cosmetics. All of their products – bronzers, eye shadows, lipstick, nail polish and mascara – consist of 100 per cent mica. Because of their earthly pedigree, we’ve found the products to be especially gentle on our eyes. The range of 80 shades (yes, 80) is enough to satisfy our need to constantly switch up our colour palettes.

We’re particularly fond of the creamy Eye Primer. Not only did it seem to enhance the colour of our shadow when applied pre-morning coffee and scone, but it also extended the wear long past 5 o’clock cocktails. And that’s important to a gal, isn’t it?

Micabella Cosmetics
Available at the Bay in Canada and online at www.micabella.com

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  • I’ve tried this and love the sheer cover I get with minimal powder. However, the Micabella powder I have makes such a mess! It gets everywhere – all over the sink and counter whenever I use it. Any suggestions on how best to use this product so it doesn’t land all over my clothes and sink? Thanks.

  • Thanks for your comment Lisa. Yes mineral powder can be a little messy. We recommend that you tap a very small amount into the lid of the product and then swirl your brush in your product, tap and apply to the face. Let us know if that helps!

  • I think I had suggested to review them either here or on another site cuz MicaBella rocks! I think it’s awesome how you can buy any color and it can be used as is, wet (like a cream eyeshadow), mixed with a clear lipgloss to make a colored lipgloss, or mixed with a clear nail polish to make a colored nail polish. Where else can you buy a product that is almost all-purpose! I live by their products and totally recommend!

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