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givenchy phenomeneyes In the business of beauty it is essential to stand out. Brilliant masterminds spend countless hours developing innovative designs and perfecting unique formulas in the hopes of wooing customers. Over and over again there is one company that never ceases to amaze us – Givenchy. With a reinvention of the mascara wand, Givenchy has created a revolutionary spherical brush for Phenomen’Eyes, a mascara that has us batting our eyelashes with excitement.

After years of frustrating mascara mishaps, we can finally say goodbye to the days of mascara hitting the corners of our eyes or our brow bone, and hello to perfect lashes. Phenomen’Eyes, with its patented brush, will reach each and every lash resulting in defined, voluminous and elongated lashes. Giving you the maximum amount of control and coverage. Hold the brush horizontally, vertically or slanted to grab from the very root and get to the baby-fine lashes in of the inner corners.

Even better, this specially designed formula won’t dry upon contact with the lashes, giving you the time you need to curl and separate.

Available at Sephora and online at www.sephora.com

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  • Have you tried this yet? I’ve been wanting to get it and try it out but before I spend the few bucks I have I’d love to know if it “really” works and is worth the money.

  • Yes, I have tried this product – it’s really good. The mascara brush never clogs-up and it makes your eyes look really sexy. I keep my Givenchy mascara in my fridge -as it seems to last longer.

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