Bright Idea: Quo’s Night Light Lip Gloss

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Some of us have a nervous tick. Some of us (we’re in this camp) have a compulsive habit of applying lip gloss, balm or ‘stick on an hourly, 30-minute, nearly-every-ten-second basis. The only issue with this habit is that the need doesn’t always strike us in the most desirable environments, lighting wise, so we’re left to own devices to avoid messy finales.

Thankfully Quo has wisened up, so we don’t have to, and created Night Light Lip Gloss. Equipped with a surprisingly bright light and shiny mirror, this is sure to make an impact on the club circuit. Available in four very shimmery shades: Park Spark, Prince Charming, Kew Gardens Apricot and Big Ben Blush.

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada

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  • hi i love this lip gloss in all of the colors i know its only sold at shoppers but they have said they only sell it at xmas time why is that?

  • I contacted Shoppers Drug Mart and here is what their Communications & Corporate Affairs department shared with me: “In addition to its high quality and affordably priced cosmetics, the Quo line evolves each season by introducing unique colour palettes and on-trend products. The Quo Night Light Lip Gloss was a limited edition item that was only available last fall and holiday season. However, the item was so popular that Shoppers Drug Mart has plans to bring it back in a slightly modified version this coming holiday season 2009. So, keep your eyes peeled for this perfect holiday item.”

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