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The Toronto International Film Festival may be all about the serious business of film making, but at Lipstick Powder N Paint it’s the glamour we’re really interested in. To that end, we’re here to tell you that your hair is an important accessory. And, if your outfit and makeup are perfect but your hair is, shall we say, a disaster then you are destined to be a red carpet “don’t.”

Celebrity stylist Jonathan Antin provided Lipstick Powder N Paint with a couple of pointers on how to achieve an A-list hair “do”.

Jonathan Products

1. Shampoo and condition the hair. IB Purifier Anti-Aging Restorative Shampoo and IB Infuser Anti-Aging Restorative Conditioner were recommended by Antin for our dry, colour-processed locks.

2. Gently towel-dry your hair. Use the towel to squeeze moisture from the hair – never rub it.

3. Apply 3 pumps of Create Volume Thickening Foam to your hands. Work it through your palms and then run the product through your hair – from scalp to ends.

4. Apply a small amount of Create Curl Serum to your palms and then work this product through the hair from scalp to ends.

5. Air or blow dry hair.

katherine-heigl STYLE
We’ve decided that waves are what we require. In fact, we want to look like Katherine Heigl – pictured here.

To achieve this look:
1. Run a small-barrel curling iron halfway down a section of hair; twist the rest of the section around the iron in a figure-eight shape; hold in for 10 to 15 seconds.

2. Let the curl fall; repeat around your head at slightly different lengths. The effect is like a pin curl—gorgeous, bouncy finger waves.

1. Add a small amount of Silky Dirt to the palms of your hands. Spread the product throughout the hair from mid-length to ends for beautifully separated and in-control locks.

2. Finally, spray Finish Control onto your style from 8-12 inches away. The hold is instant and finishes the hair with super-high shine that lasts from day to night.

Move over Katherine, here we come!

Jonathan Product
Available at Holt Renfrew in Canada and Sephora in the U.S.

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