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Azuki Micrograins and Brown Sugar Facial Soap from Chidoriya You’ve heard of some strange facial treatments, some of which you’d really rather not discuss and many of which probably involved some sort of food. Though you may feel discouraged from trying anything other than a bar of mass-market soap on your skin, we urge you to take one more risk. Azuki Micrograins and Brown Sugar Facial Soap from Chidoriya is made completely of azuki red bean micrograins and, you guessed it, organic brown sugar.

According to Chidoriya, the Japanese have used the azuki red bean for ages in face wash and for good reason – it works to dissolve any oils that clog your pores. As for the brown sugar, well, it’s simple – the natural quality and texture of this typical cookie ingredient smoothes skin texture. The combination of the two, which is made through a month-long aging and curing process, makes for a hypoallergenic, fragrance and preservative-free face wash bar that Chidoriya says lasts twice as long as most bar soaps. Plus, it lacks alkali, a skin irritant present in many other washes.

So, just one last time, skip that boring old soap and try the sugar.

Available online at chidoriyaworld.com

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  • I’ve actually been using brown sugar as a body scrub for a couple years, and it really works well. If you mix it with a little honey (if you can handle the sugar overload!) you can get a really nice glow.

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