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Benefit Cosmetics b spot fragrance Sometimes, summer fragrances are topped with syrupy sweet notes that overwhelm or suffocate the true base, and bury any hint of floral. Benefit b spot commits no such injustice. This fruity floral combines the best of both worlds, but not overwhelmingly so. The top notes of freesia, mango, black currant and tangerine deliver a refreshingly sweet start, while the peony, apple flower, watermelon and white orchid anchor the top notes. Finally, the base of sandalwood, amber and marine are moody and rich, rounding out the rest of the juice.

If you’re hankering for a touch of sweet but don’t but don’t want to lose out on a lovely floral, this fragrance will surely intrigue. Because it’s quite light, you can spare more than one spritz, or zone in on multiple pulse points without alienating your colleagues and friends.

Benefit Cosmetics
Available at Sephora and Macy’s

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