You snooze, you lose

Bliss fatgirlsleep While we’re aware that cellulite is nearly impossible to banish, we welcome any beauty product that claims to improve its appearance.

Following the wildly successful fatgirlslim cellulite-reducing cream, Bliss is launching fatgirlsleep, a nighttime potion chock-full of most potent ingredients, ready to work on those not-so-cute dimples on your derriere.

Loaded with the brand’s signature slenderiZZZe complex, this thick and rich cream claims to smooth lumpy skin for up to six hours and prevent the onset of future orange-peel breakouts. It capitalizes on your skin’s nighttime restorative and repairing process.

It’s also prepped to tighten and tone, while the sacred lotus extract is ready to target bloating caused by water retention.

And while your cheeks and thighs are getting the once-over, you’ll be fast asleep, thanks to the cream’s soothing lavender scent.

Available at Nordstorm in the U.S. and Sephora throughout North America

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