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Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash Our staff writer Faisal shares his thoughts on the best men’s grooming products on the market…

Kiehl’s has been around since 1851, a year in which a lot of events occurred including the founding of the New York Times and the death of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein. I think Frankenstein’s monster would have been the perfect model for beauty products. He would’ve wanted that dead skin (actual dead skin) scrubbed away and relief would have been welcome for those stitches. For the past several weeks I have had the pleasure of trying the Kiehl’s Men’s line and I have to say that I liked it. It looked good and it felt good – all with five easy steps.

“Ultimate Man” Body Scrub
Hit the showers and start off your Kiehl’s routine by applying this body scrub. The bran and oatmeal bar sloughs off dead surface cells while acting as a pumice stone to get those tough areas like heels and elbows. Don’t use it on the face though. That’s the next product.

Facial Fuel Energizer Face Wash
Now you can wash your face either in the shower or at the sink with this caffeine, menthol and vitamin E infused skin refresher. It removes dirt while preventing over-drying and tightening. This product takes dull looking skin and brightens it up and preps you for shaving.

“Close-Shavers” Squadron Shave Cream
With a nice sharp razor, one of Kiehl’s most popular products will give you a close shave – like it did for me – especially if you followed the previous steps.

Facial Fuel Moisturizer

After scrubbing, washing and shaving, you are now in the spa part of the regimen. The moisturizer contains vitamins C and E, chestnut extract and soy, which revitalizes and re-energizes skin. The eyes are a different story, so read on.

Eye Alert
The skin is thinner around your eyes and holds one of your most valuable assets. After all, how are you going to face checking yourself out in the mirror after all of this work to see puffy eyes? The Eye Alert gives an energy boost and it’s no wonder because it has vitamin E and caffeine. As a counterbalance, the product contains cucumber and alfalfa for cooling and hydration. Now you’re ready to face the day with the equivalent of a coffee and a veggie sandwich for your eyes.

Overall, the Kiehl’s Men’s line was an enjoyable experience and even more so because I followed this regimen in sequence. Even Frankenstein’s monster would be able to follow these steps and look fabulous. Patience is a virtue and over the last few days, I have taken my brighter skin for granted, but after all, having good, protected skin should be the norm, shouldn’t it?


Available at Kiehl’s stores throughout North America and Bergdorf Goodman in the U.S.

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