Yes to carrots collection We’ve been told forever the importance of eating fruits and veggies everyday. And according to the new body care line from Yes to Carrots, we should also be applying them to our skin. The line which is brand new to Canada, consisting of everything from face moisturizers to body lotions to shampoo, follows the mantra “healthy eating for your skin”.

Reaping the benefits of organics fruits and vegetables that are bright orange (think: carrots, pumpkin, melons, and oranges), this formula is a vitamin-enriched treat for your skin. Its paraben free formula combines precious Dead Sea mud, 26 minerals and the juices of fruits and vegetables all working together to detoxify and protect the body’s largest organ.

The key to this orange inspired masterpiece is that these fruits and veggies are known for the ingredient Beta-Carotene. This magical ingredient, known for its anti-oxidant and anti-aging qualities, is great for summer because it will also help reduce UV damage to the skin and hair by aiding in the recovery process.

So practice healthy eating for your skin; you may be surprised to see the wonders these veggies will do to the outside of your body.

Yes To Carrots
Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and Walgreens

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