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Mineral Essence Eating fruit and vegetables is good for your skin and so is drinking eight glasses of water a day, but what about makeup? It sounds too good to be true. But it’s not! Mineral Essence is a full range of mineral makeup that contains no harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients, fragrance or oil so it enhances skin’s natural beauty.

Foundation glides over the skin – leaving it feeling creamy and soft. You don’t have to rub it into the skin like you do with regular liquid foundation and you don’t have to worry about it dripping off in the heat or at the gym. It is almost like you aren’t wearing anything at all. Subtle pigments reflect light while Lipoic Acid fights wrinkles and Vitamins A and C moisturize. Perfect for those who want to even out skin tone and add a little something something to the face.

You can feel good about ME.

Mineral Essence
Available online at www.mineralessence.com

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