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Shiseido Hydro Powder Eyeshadow Just when we think we’ll be stuck in dark winter clothes forever, summer comes along and whips us into shape, trading our black winter closet for colourful sun dresses. And of course, with the ever changing seasons, our makeup must follow suit. Inspired by the rich saturated hues of summer’s blooms, comes a season full of intense and bold makeup.

Lucky for us, the cosmetic geniuses at Shiseido have added four new lustrous shades to the Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow line just in time for summer. With shades of ‘Rose Tulle’, ‘Lemon Sugar’, and our personal favourite, ‘Languid Lagoon’, these shadows transform from a cream like formula into a light powder on your eyelids.

Made with a variety of women in mind, the shades work great alone or in combination. Take a walk on the wild side and sweep the colour all over your lid. Not ready to release your inner daredevil? Not too worry, just line your upper lid with the shadow for the same eye popping effect.

Oh and one more thing; these bright pots of colour are formulated to stay crease free for hours!

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Available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Macy’s

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