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Priti Nail Polish If the idea of eating gloss grosses you out, you might not want to know what your nails are absorbing from nail polish and remover. Priti Polish pampers and paints your nails but minus the toxic chemicals and compounds making it safe for mothers-to-be. The fast drying, chip resistant and non-yellowing formulas of the polish are made from 100% organic products, non-toxic paints and the bottle is 100% recyclable as well.

Feel safe this summer when getting your manis and pedis and remember that you’re doing something good for the environment too!

Priti Polish
Available at specialty beauty boutiques and spas or online at www.beautyhabit.com and www.greenblisscospa.com

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  • Fantastic. I’m pregnant and have been looking for a non-toxic nail polish. I have found some really awesome nail care products (not colors) that are non-toxic from Nail-Aid– http://www.nailaidcares.com. I’ve had horrible peeling nails for years and their peeling nail intense repair gel has totally cured it in less than a month.

    Now I can buy fun colors to go with my nice new smooth nails without risk to the Sea Monkey– thanks!

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