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April Jacob of Pink Beauty April Jacob is the President and Founder of Pink Beauty Cosmetics. Motivated by the powerful beauty and alluring purity that the colour pink emanates, April Jacob developed the feminine, chic, and perfectly playful cosmetic line.

When you were a little girl, what did you want to be?
When I was a little girl, I’ve been interested in makeup. I had a Makeup & Hair Styling Doll, and I would only ever do her makeup – I never wanted to do her hair! I think it was clear from that early age, that I was passionate about makeup and that I would end up working with it.

Where did the idea for Pink Beauty Cosmetics come from?
I was working as a professional makeup artist and found that doing makeup on people, they were overwhelmed by all the processes, steps and colour intensity of most makeup artist lines. I wanted to create a makeup line for the glamour girl on-the-go, requiring very little makeup know-how and steps; something that was very user-friendly and high quality that people would enjoy putting on. Mostly though, I wanted to create a beauty line which inspired beauty from the inside out which is why I called it Pink Beauty. The colour pink represents so many beautiful attributes: grace, femininity, love and compassion, to name a few.

What was the first product that Pink Beauty Cosmetics produced?
The first product that Pink Beauty produced was the Luscious Lip Sheer Lipstick – they are the perfect blend of a lipstick and lipgloss. In fact the Luscious Lip Sheer in Mable was the first product ever purchased from the line, and the five lip sheers in our collection still remain among our top-selling products.

When did you first realize that Pink Beauty Cosmetics was a success?

The day we launched the line I had so much positive feedback. We had a launch party before the product was available and I had some many people wanting to buy it right then and there!

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Pink Beauty is so user-friendly and allows you to control the intensity of the colour. All of Pink Beauty products are sheer and buildable – they are mistake proof!!

What is your favorite Pink Beauty Cosmetics product?
That is such a tough question because I love all the products – I have a personal connection to each product that I create. If I had to choose one product though, it would be Soft Flush Powder Blusher in Love at First Sight. It’s the perfect pink shade that makes me feel fresh and pretty instantly.

What beauty staples do you use daily?
I always start off with a tinted moisturizer that contains sunscreen. I wear Worshipped and Devoted Eye Splendor Shadow. I use Worshipped on my lid and Devoted as a liner that I smudge to give a soft smoky look. I apply Lavish Lash Extravagance Mascara. I blend Love at First Sight Soft Flush Powder Blusher onto my cheeks for a great glow. I finish off with Clarabelle Luscious Lipshimmer lipstick and Baby Cakes Glamour Glaze Lipgloss. This is my go-to everyday look. I do change it up depending on the occasion. I always complete my look with Narciso Rodriguez Perfume for Her Body Cream – it’s my favourite fragrance and I wear it every day!

What is in your purse today?
For summer, I like to pair soft lipsticks with a pop of color. Right now in my makeup bag I have Coy and Glitz Lip Scintillate Lip Gloss and Clarabelle Luscious Lipshimmer and Mable Luscious Lip Sheer lipsticks.

What publications/websites do you visit regularly?
In terms of websites, I always visit LipstickPowderNPaint.com, of course! I also love to check out
perezhilton.com and www.sweetspot.ca whenever I have a spare moment in my day. In Style, Vogue and Allure are some of my favourite magazines.

What beauty tip can you share with our readers?
For me, happiness is really the best beauty tip! Feeling positive from the inside emanates to the outside and anyone who feels great about themselves will look beautiful. That’s what I wanted to create with Pink Beauty – a makeup look that works to bring out your ‘inner pink glow’. Another quick beauty tip is to keep your favourite lip gloss in your purse. Find that perfect shade and let it work for you! Lip gloss is the easiest product to use and gives you an instant ‘pick-me-up’. It’s sheer and moisturizing and can add a pop of color to make you feel sexy and glamorous no matter where you are!

Who are you influenced by?
I am influenced by so many things – actually everything inspires me! The different people I meet everyday, placed in the world I travel to, as well as friends and family, are all such a big inspiration. I am also inspired by Old Hollywood starlets and runway fashions of the season.

How do you keep up with beauty trends?
While we’re inspired by what is happening on the runways, all of our products are timeless anc classic. If you come into our office at any given time, you would see piles and piles of magazines, which we love to look through for inspiration. Each month, we rip out tear sheets from magazines – whether it’s a fashion shot, room decor, flowers, iconic women – like Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel, or travel destinations. We put these sheets on our ‘Inspiration Board’ which helps to boost our creativity.

What makes you smile?
My family makes me smile: my son, my husband and our pets.

What keeps you going every day?
My passion for the brand keeps me going every day.

How do you juggle a career and a personal life?
I try to find balance in my life. When I’m at work I always give 110% but when I close the door at the office, I dedicate all my time and energy to my family.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own business?
Follow your dreams and be true to yourself and your goals.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I definitely see Pink Beauty developing into a successful global brand with great product extensions into fragrance and skincare. I look forward to staying actively involved in my growing business while still enjoying the role of motherhood!

Thank you April for sharing yourself with us.

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