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Achieving the perfect texture for your hair-do is no easy task. Those waxes that give your strands an edgy separation also come with a hairful of grease. And the dryer creams create a monotone, flat look for your locks. FX Special Effects Texture Dirt Texturizing Paste is the much-needed middle ground, giving your hair volume and texture sans grease.

The uber-affordable product (less than five dollars!) comes in a small tub with a big effect. The consistency is a slightly creamy solid—not too gooey and not too hard. Simply rub a small amount between your fingers and apply to the bottom parts of your locks. Texture Dirt creates a subtle transformation, taking your hair from flat and dull to voluminous and sassy.

A small amount goes a long way with this product, so the application process is short and simple, and one tub of it really lasts. And an added bonus: The fresh, sweet and summery smell—what more could you ask for?

FX Special Effects
Available at Walgreens and Walmart

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  • I absolutely adore this stuff. I have a sleek short ‘do when styled but simply air-drying brings out the waves. Think Farrah. So if I’m running late, I use a little of this paste on my towel-dryed hair and it gives it the day-after-washing style without the grease. Also great to add that last bit of volume to the roots before I head out the door. All around fantastic product!

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