Oh, Glow On

Sometimes, double-duty products just seem like they’ve stretched themselves too thin in either direction. But Neutrogena Colour Boosting Sunblock SPF 30 is a harmonious beauty combo: blending sunscreen with self-tanner and adding a dash of moisture, to boot.

This light lotion is a gradual glow-getter: after applying the lotion for a few days in a row, your skin’s tone warms up. If you’re kosher with the current colour, step back from the bottle and reapply in a few days. Otherwise, continue down the path until you nail a bronze you can boast about.

Its oil-free, PAPA-Free and non-comedogenic formula does its best to keep pores clear, and is spiked with SPF 30-an essential that protects your new caramel hue from turning to an unfortunate cherry red.

Because when the summer heat sets in, coating your skin with extra product feels exhausting and downright suffocating.

With this, you skip two steps but gain ample skin protection and a customized glow in return. Which frees up more time to indulge in decadent pedi, so you can hit the ground running when beach season arrives.

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Available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Target

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  • katherine i completely agree with you about how most products feel heavy during the summer and that’s why I use a very lightweight tanning accelerator called Booty Butter by Bikini Kitchen. It gives me that caramel hue that im looking for in about an hour.

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