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Want to know a beauty secret? Nothing gives away your age faster than dry, sun-damaged hands. They are the most exposed part of the body – battling harsh elements daily.

Nivea Hand DNAge Zone Action is a lightly scented, anti-aging cream that fights to reduce the appearance of sunspots and lines while moisturizing. Folic Acid and Creatine increase cell renewal and support cell regeneration. Hands feel protected and soft after one application. The cream glides on smoothly and dries quickly – it doesn’t leave you with that dreaded greasy

Though designed for mature skin, this cream works well for any age group. It’s better to protect now than regret later!

www.nivea.ca www.niveausa.com
Avaliable at CVS and Shoppers Drug Mart

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  • Great recommendation! I wrote a few weeks ago on LatestBeauty about the importance of protecting your hands. I’ll def pick up this Nivea cream the next time I’m at the store. Thanks!

  • You are so right about hands giving away your age. I wish I had been as concerned about my hands as I was my face in my youth. Good recommendation with a good list of ingredients. Thanks.

  • A dear friend of mine who is in her 70s has been telling me for years to take care of my hands. Great column!

  • I despise it when women don’t take care of their hands. Hands can definitely give away your age and I will definitely be buying this product!

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